The Tao Of Badass Review

Dating for guys may not seem so easy. Going on dates or just hanging out with an attractive woman can be very intimidating, which is why there are guides like the Tao Of Badass that help guys with their women problems. You might have already read a few dating guides with seduction techniques and confidence boosting tips, but none actually can compare to the Tao Of Badass according to current and past users. If you haven’t heard of the Tao Of Badass, it basically is a dating guide that teaches you everything there is to know about how women are when they are around you.

Who Created The Tao Of Badass?

Joshua Pellicer is the creator of the Tao Of Badass who came from very humble beginnings. Pellicer was born and raised in a tiny trailer park in Florida and was born in 1982. His very first job was at a gas station as an attendant for quite a few years. Joshua used to be like every other guy nowadays because he had trouble in the dating scene. He literally had no idea how to act around women. However, he wasn’t gonna just let his lack of skills take over his love life, so he decided to research exactly how women are, and how to properly talk to them. He knew that his current state of low self esteem was causing women to treat him differently. However, with the personal modifications he made on his personality, it allowed him to instantly be a lady magnet.

Pellicer may not be the hottest guy out there. However, once he had the right mindset, dating became so much easier. This guide is basically aimed to guys that are in desperate need to attract women. If you need help to do this, Joshua can help.

How Does The Tao Of Badass Actually Work?

The Tao of Badass basically uses simple situations to help you intimidate men, and a solution to help guys be a total Badass around beautiful women. Joshua Pellicer has had a ton of credentials which makes him very trustworthy when it comes to dating. Joshua currently has a radio show that focuses on men with women and actual seduction advice that works. Joshua has been interviewed numerous times at major news outlets and every time, he says that though the advice in the guide works, men will really need to commit to the tips inside to really work.

The cool thing about the Tao of The Badass guide is the fact that the concepts and ideas in the book will educate you with the latest tips that have been done hundreds of times from real life experiments. Basically, when the tips are effectively followed, you will find dating and meeting women to be much easier and less confusing.

What Are People Saying About The Tao Of Badass?

Many people like it a lot since it offers strong and unique tips on body language. There is extensive information regarding what types of body language that should be used for all stages of a guy’s interaction. It also helps teach guys how to adjust their eye contact with the type of woman they are trying to attract. Many users also state that the techniques were not exactly what they were expecting a dating guide to have. Most tips revolve around factors like not coming on too strong, or using body language incorrectly, and acting like an arrogant dude thinking he could get any girl. These concepts may not be new, but they’re very effective and taught in a very easy to understand. The guide conveys each tip in a very newbie friendly way so that everyone can implement the tips instantly.

Tao Of Badass Details

When building confidence and rapport with women, saying the correct things all at the right moment is crucial. He teaches you 4 sub stages when it comes to rapport. These include gaining trust, enhancing attraction, and the most importantly, how to get a girl in bed. Pellicer explains in amazing detail exactly how to move through every phase with rapport in a step by step form and what to do if something ever goes wrong.

The Pros And Cons Of The Tao Of Badass

- The Pros

One of the main advantages to the guide is that covers all the main concepts needed to achieve success with women. It explains all the crucial topics including why women tend to test guys and how to get women to make the first move. It offers solid information when it comes to making connections with the women you’re attracted to. Admittedly, the entire e-book is very worth reading mainly because there’s a ton of material that helps average guys to develop their confidence and get them more knowledgeable on what to expect when dating.

Aside from that, the information that’s provided by Joshua is cleanly laid out in a detailed form so that there’s no room for second guessing when approaching a girl. Guys will really learn how to be badass from using the product and implementing its advice to their lives. Another benefit to the dating guide is that the advice that it offers is straight to the point and very easy to follow. Regardless of how illiterate you may be on dating, the Tao Of Badass will really help you out with your issues.

- Cons

What makes the system as not perfect would have to be the fact that the advice given isn’t revolutionary, but still very powerful. Plus, the book is only sold in ebook form, meaning you can’t get it in audio or video form. However, it does come with bonus features of videos that can also help with your overall dating problems.

Final Conclusion & Overall Rating. [9 out of 10 .]

Overall, my rating of the Tao Of Badass would have to be a 9 out of 10. The advantages to the product definitely outweighs the minor cons of the system. So every guy that gets the book and really uses its advice will find the entire dating game to be easier and not as intimidating.

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